Tax Season with a New Puppy

IndyWhat do LensCrafters, a new puppy and tax season have to do with one another?  A lot if you are a member of one family from Nicholasville, KY.   Rebecca recently shared her experience with the LensCrafters’ customer service team with us.

Rebecca’s husband, John, is a CPA and needs the reading glasses he bought at LensCrafters to prepare his clients’ tax returns.  With April 15th fast approaching, he has been spending long hours looking at countless documents of small numbers. Going without these glasses is simply not an option for him.

This is where the new puppy comes into play. John isn’t a big fan of dogs, but his daughters, Olivia and Abigail, desperately wanted a new puppy. And since he loves his teenage daughters the family recently got a new family pet.

And this is where eyewear, tax season and the puppy collide. Rebecca writes: “Unfortunately, yesterday my husband put his glasses on the arm of a chair unattended for less than five minutes. In that time, the puppy chewed up the rubber parts on both earpieces and knocked out a lens. To put things nicely, the tension in our house has been extreme.”

She brought the reading glasses into the LensCrafters store at Lexington Green for repair and spoke to Store General Manager Michael Short. She explained the situation and Michael went to work.

“He found the same frame on display, exchanged out the dog-eaten rubber parts on our frame, fixed the lens, tightened the screws, and cleaned the glasses. He even gave me a new case so he would have a spare.”

Glasses repair at LensCrafters.While John hadn’t purchased the protection plan, Michael completed the eyeglass repair and only requested an optional small donation to OneSight to help  the organization achieve its goal of eradicating the global vision care crisis in our lifetime.

In closing, Rebecca wrote: “This kind of customer service is unparalleled today. He could have easily required me to buy new frames (and thereby spending more money which would cause my husband to dislike the dog even more). But he looked for a creative solution to restore harmony in our home, to gain a family of customers for life, and to help the less fortunate with their vision needs. I cannot express how grateful I am or how impressed with Mr. Short I am.”

We’re so proud of LensCrafters’ associates like Michael who provide great customer service to showcase how much we love eyes.

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