Atlanta OneSight Clinic

LensCrafters and OneSight Bring Free Eye Care to Over 1,000 Atlanta ChildrenOver 1,000 Atlanta school children received vision care at the Atlanta OneSight Clinic run by 43 LensCrafters Associates the last week of October.For more than 25 years, LensCrafters has partnered with OneSight to provide free clinics around the world for those in need. Read some of the associates’ most impactful moments below:

Associate Serena shared her favorite memory of helping a young boy:

“He totally stole my heart!! He went from being near tears to smiling brightly.  After trying on a dozen different frames he found his perfect pair, a flexible Memorex frame in silver. As he left we gave each other a high-five and his smile will stay with me always.”

Associate Samatha had this to say about her second day:

“I saw too many girls and boys shrink and lower their voice because their ongoing, unaddressed poor vision had hurt their self-esteem.  I know with certainty that the glasses we provide will help them see new things, improve their ability to learn allowing them to achieve higher grades and set them up for success in life.  As they grow, they will be a positive influence to those around them. This is what OneSight is all about!”


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