Eye Exams Matter: Reason #2 — Finding a Solution to Night Driving Woes

Sometimes a simple eye exam can mean the difference between night and day to your sight. Here’s a great example – this patient, who chose to remain anonymous, no longer fears driving at night thanks to the results of her AccuExam, an exam exclusive to the Independent Doctors next to LensCrafters that uses advanced technology to tell your eye health story with 3D images, simulations and videos. Find out more about her experience below:

By a Satisfied Patient (Anonymous)

“My overall vision isn’t bad, but I can’t see when driving at night, and no one believed me! I see multiple images in front of me and blurs from oncoming traffic—imagine how debilitating it is to not be able to drive your children to soccer games because it’ll be dark by the time it’s over and you can’t drive them home.

I had heard ‘There is nothing we can do for you,’ for more than 20 years, so I just stopped bringing it up during my annual visit to my optometrist. I have changed doctors many times, and this time, I went to an Independent Doctors of Optometry affiliated with and located next to LensCrafters – an OD who offered AccuExam.

When the doctor asked me if I had trouble driving at night, I almost fell out of my chair! The doctor explained AccuExam measures the way my vision changes from day to night. When the doctor showed me my day prescription and turned out the lights, the chart became blurry. At the touch of a button, the doctor showed me my night prescription, and the difference was truly night and day.

I never thought I could drive again at night without fear! My new ‘night vision’ glasses have given me the ability to see clearly at night, drive my kids anywhere they need to go and LensCrafters (and the OD) have a patient/customer for life! I tell everyone about LensCrafters and [the Independent Doctor of Optometry who offered] AccuExam. It truly made all the difference.”


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