Eye Exams Matter: Reason #6 — Eye Exams for Kids

Eighty percent of learning occurs through sight. Help set your little ones up for academic success with regular eye exams.

At LensCrafters we understand sight isn’t just about seeing clearly. We believe eyes are the windows to our world—capturing every amazing moment, every day. This hit home for one employee, who recently took his young son for his first eye exam.

Read more about his heartwarming experience below.

 By Jon Witt, LensCrafters SGM, Salt Lake City, UT

“Sometimes we forget what we do for a living and how we can truly impact the lives of others. Well, today I was reminded, not only of the gift we can give, but how this can affect an entire family…my family.  My son Ashton is 4 years old and today he had an exam with Dr. Peterson. After the exam, we learned Ashton isn’t seeing his best and glasses would make a huge difference. So we picked out some cute frames and our lab technicians went right to work making Ashton’s first pair of glasses. I was quickly overcome with emotion when my little man tried them on, smiled at us, and said, ‘Everything is clearer dada.’”



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