Eye Exams Matter: Reason #4 — Supporting Patient’s Quest for Clearer Vision

Our favorite digital devices can sometimes lead to vision problems like blurriness and dry eyes. Regular eye exams help keep those problems in check. Susan and Mark Leader experienced the transformative power of an eye exam with the help of a determined doctor and staff at a LensCrafters in Vernon Hills, IL, who helped Mark see clearly after years of struggling with his sight. After finding a solution, Mark was ultimately able to return to work.

Learn more about their story below.

 By Susan Leader, patient, Vernon Hills, IL

“I can’t say enough good things about the team at LensCrafters in Vernon Hills, Illinois. My husband Mark has a special set of problems that were proving to be impossible to resolve. After retina and cataract surgery, there was a huge difference between his altered left eye and his untouched right eye, which is very nearsighted. He was seeing double and his eye doctor kept saying his brain needed to make adjustments to bring his focus together.

Unfortunately, or in our case, fortunately, I broke my only pair of glasses and needed replacements ASAP. I went to LensCrafters and got the best pair of glasses I have ever had! I call them my “high-def invisible line bifocals”. After that, I suggested Mark get an eye exam at LensCrafters and also try glasses by LensCrafters. The prescription ended up being close to what he already had, which was kind of a relief.

However, the manager, doctor and lens makers brainstormed on what to try. They never gave up; I was waiting to hear “that’s all we can do,” but never did. After several weeks, lenses and adjustments, he is seeing clearly. The solution is two pairs of glasses, one for distance and one for reading, which may not sound like the perfect one pair solution, but he can see, clearly. He spent the drive home announcing all the things he could see and spent the next day reading all day.

He is a graphic designer who has had headaches for the past two years as he struggles to see his computer screen (a 27 inch flat screen) and then look down at the printed piece with the type changes marked on it. It was an endless source of frustration for him. Two years of struggles and doctors telling him his brain has to make the adjustment, there was nothing else they could do. Which I now understand meant that they simply didn’t have the resources to find other solutions. Unlike LensCrafters, they didn’t have the ability to make lenses and adjustments on the spot, until something worked.

My husband and I have worked together for 30 years as owners of our graphic and web design business and he just walked into my office to tell me he can work again! The LensCrafters’ personnel, attitude, work ethic and determination made a huge impact on the quality of life for my husband. A special thank you to Harriet Barnes, the Store Manager, and Dr. Parikh  for their patience and determination.” (Dr. Sonny Parikh, OD, is a Doctor of Optometry at LensCrafters.)

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