Eye Exams Matter: Reason #7 — Annual Eye Exam Reveals Vision Issue

Vision changes as you age, but don’t worry. Annual eye exams help catch symptoms of vision problems early, so you always see your best.

A 63-year-old woman saw the difference an eye exam can make after going 10-plus years without seeing an optometrist. After her examination with Dr. Danny Ngo of EYEXAM of California using AccuExam and Optomap technology, the woman could see three times better than before.

Plus, the examination revealed early signs of macular degeneration, which can affect older adults and impair sight in the center of a person’s field of vision. Based on his findings, Dr. Ngo referred the patient to a specialist. Thanks to Dr. Ngo, the patient understood her vision needed further care and was excited about having better vision moving forward.

By Danny Ngo O.D.

Westminster, CA 283


“I would like to share an awesome story about comprehensive eye care and the AccuExam experience.  Last week, we had a 63-year-old woman who had not had an exam more than 10 years because she was “scared” of doctor visits.  She was very apprehensive about getting an eye exam and our associate Brooke did a great job guiding her through the process.  By explaining the benefits of AccuExam, thinking out loud with each assessment, and explaining Optomap with a personal story, Brooke really connected with the patient.  During the exam, not only did I find a prescription for new glasses that improved her vision 3x, but Optomap revealed signs of macular degeneration.  I used VueCare simulator to explain my findings and why her vision was decreasing as well as the need for a referral to ophthalmologist.  She was very happy that we could improve her vision and understood the need for further care.  Instead of being afraid, she was relieved.

I got a call from the patient later that week because she wanted to schedule an exam for her daughter.  However, she only wanted to be seen by myself and Brooke!  It just shows that using AccuExam, thinking out loud and caring for patients not only creates a great patient experience but also encourages patients to refer their families as well!”


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