Top 3 Eyeglasses Personalities: Choose Frames that Define You

Your eyeglasses say a lot about you. Once you put them on, they can transform not only your face, but your whole look. Whether you prefer a more subtle pair to let your natural features shine, or like making them a fashion focal point, the pair you choose can have a hand in defining a part of you. What’s your eyeglasses personality? Check out the three most popular types and see which category you fall into.

1. Geek chic

One eyeglasses trend that’s been widely popular within the last few years is the “nerd” look. Defined by dark, thick, oversized eyeglass frames, this style that was once considered old fashioned or passé is now anything but. You’ll find everyone from college students to a-list celebrities donning these attention-grabbing eyeglass frames no matter what the occasion. You’ll notice black as the color of choice for most, but many designers also feature a broad range of colors from gunmetal silver to lipstick red. If the geek chic style is your eyeglasses frame of choice, you likely have a quirky or unique style, like to be on-trend with fashion, or enjoy using your eyewear and other accessories to make a statement.

2. Vintage

Elegant, trendy, and chic. Those are three words you might identify with if you love glam-style eyeglasses. This look can range from sleek metal frames with a hint of shimmer or delicate detailing, to all-out bejeweled or brightly colored frames that exude girly appeal. It all depends on your own definition of glam. If this is your signature style, you’re probably a trendsetter with an affinity for fashion whether it comes through with designs that are understated and subtle, or standout and impossible to ignore.

Similar to geek chic, the vintage look channels style sensibilities from years past. A slightly more subtle approach than the so-called nerd glasses, vintage eyewear typically comes in the form of cat-eye eyeglass frames for women and the dark and thick on top, rimless on the bottom, “Clark Kent” eyeglasses for men. Vintage-style eyeglasses exude a unique sophistication, and can be worn with just about anything – formal, business or casual. If you’re a vintage kind of person, you may have an affinity for retro fashion, or just like to add a distinctive touch to your everyday wardrobe.

3. Classic

Not everyone wants their eyeglasses to take center stage. For those people, a pair of classic eyeglass frames with a more understated style, are the perfect option. Versatile and the most popular choice among glasses-wearers, what can be classified as “classic style” runs the gamut from oval, circular, square or rectangular. It all depends on which one looks best with your own face shape. A classic looking pair of eyeglasses may come in the form of simple, metal frames as well as rimless varieties that offer a clean, modern appearance.  Don’t mistake classic for boring though. Instead, think of it as smart way to allow yourself to make virtually any fashion, makeup or hair choice without worrying if it will work with your glasses.

Whether you find yourself falling into one of these categories or not, it’s safe to say that eyeglasses are not a one-size-fits-all item. Different eyeglass frames look good on different people, so no matter what your personal style, what’s most important is finding a pair that make you look and feel your best.